Friday, December 01, 2006

Wooster on Spring makes me cry with joy. You have no idea.

1. Will the building be open to the public to view the artwork inside?

Yes. The current plan is to open the building for three days in mid--December as an open house with panel discussions, film screenings, djs, and private walk-throughs. Because of the logistics, we won't be publishing the exact days and times until just before the event.

2. Who are some of the artists that are painting inside the building?

Artists involved in the show include WK, Blek Le Rat, Shepard Fairey, JACE, Bo and Microbo, D*Face, Maya Hayuk, Lister, Prune, JR, RIPO, Thundercut, Skewville, Elboe-Toe, Jasmine Zimmerman, You Are Beautiful, Dan Witz, Judith Supine, Above, Rekal, Gore-B, FAILE, The London Police, Rene Gagnon, Gaetane Michaux, Darkclouds... and many, many other surprise guests.

3. Will the artwork stay up in the building and outside after the event?

No. In December and January, the new owners of the building will begin restoration and construction and all of the artwork will be destroyed. The only chance to see it will be during the three day event in December.

I don't care if Jesus shows up on my doorstep with a Porsche. I will be on Spring Street as much as possible this month.

Not home, on Spring.